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Five Year Goals

  • Develop a stronger evangelization effort through parish ministries which attract active and inactive Catholic parishioners and their families, the unchurched, and non-Christians.
  • Develop and implement plans to make Stewardship a way of life for our parishioners and to increase Ordinary Income (Treasure) and utilize to the fullest the time and talent invested in the parish by parishioners.
  • Develop and implement new initiatives which will attract and hold junior and senior youth group members through high school years.
  • Develop and implement plan to improve use of technology in communications among parish staff, various ministry coordinators and members of the parish at large.
  • Continue long range capital planning which focuses on necessary building and grounds improvements.
  • Provide well prepared, liturgically correct and uplifting liturgies and an environment that encourage and involve parishioners in a full, conscious and active participation in Sunday worship and other liturgical services.
  • To provide for all receiving sacraments a well developed process and program designed to enrich their experience, foster their faith commitment and encourage their continued involvement in the Church.
  • Provide a well integrated total religious education program for children, youth and adults that fosters both knowledge of the faith and a determination on their part to live it in their daily lives.
  • To foster spirituality among the parishioners centered on the Eucharist, with prayer and charitable outreach as essential components.
  • To recognize the importance, value and contribution of parishioners of various cultures, color and background and to enrich the parish by their felt presence and active participation in all ministries.