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Social Justice

Contact Parish Office for information at 856-629-0411

Interfaith Hospitality Network 

Our parish has recently committed to participating in an interfaith network which will address the needs of homeless families living in Gloucester County. The purpose of this network is to provide temporary housing and support to families who are homeless to assist them in their transition to successful, independent living. Assistance is needed to renovate a building that will serve as a day center for the families, raise funds, prepare meals, provide child care, and offer technical assistance to families. If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, contact Tom Power (227-4005). See the Social Justice page for more information. 

Respect Life 

Contact Parish Office for information at 856-629-0411

Saint Vincent DePaul

The St. Vincent de Paul Society is ready to help. ALL INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL. Contact Society of St. Vincent de Paul, 856-524-5032

The St. Vincent de Paul Society here at St. Charles has provided the opportunity for members to grow in holiness through service to the needy for 25 years!. Even in this area of plenty, there are families and individuals who, through no fault of their own, don't always have enough to eat, or what we take for granted. 

Food Pantry  - Sometimes, these people are not eligible for other assistance for a variety of reasons, and we provide emergency food from our Food Pantry, stocked by the donations of parishioners.  The wicker baskets on each side of the altar are for non-perishable food items used to stock the food pantry. Wicker baskets are also at the entrances to the church.     

Casserole Dinner Program - Getting friends or family together to cook something to share is easy!  Find a recipe that sounds like fun.  Do it all together and taste test it.  Then do it to share.  Just fill a half steam table pan (6-8) servings with your "dinner."  Pans & lids are available in the entrances to Church.  Write the ingredients and the date on the lid and freeze.  Drop it off at the Religious Ed Center on second Tuesday from 12:30-1 PM or the Monday before from 7-8 PM (dates are always available where you get the pans & lids).

Annual Blood Drive - The Blood Drive is scheduled for the Columbus Day Monday Holiday and information will be posted in the Parish Bulletin.  Everyone who is able to give blood is encouraged to do so, to save a life!  

In addition, we cooperate with numerous other agencies in the area with donations from our Giving Tree, Diaper Drive and Outerwear Drive throughout the year enabling us to share the wonderful generosity of the parish with many more people.

If you think you are interested in any of these service opportunities, or if you have a question, please call St.Charles SVdP at 856-524-5032.