Pastor's Corner 011914

posted Jan 23, 2014, 10:25 AM by Music Director

         What a winter it’s been so far, huh?  We’ve had a couple of significant snowstorms already and have endured a couple of brutal cold spells.  More could well be on their way!  Of course, that means we’re in the cold and flu season.  It hasn’t been too bad so far, but there are viruses out there so we all should take precautions to prevent infection and proliferation.  (I wish the person/s who gave me my cold the week before Christmas had done so!)

               Some people have suggested that we ban any and all physical contact at the Sign of Peace.  Others would like to see this act eliminated altogether.  Nonsense!  The Sign of Peace is too important to drop.  It’s a beautiful expression of what Holy Communion is all about.  Why not ban the practice of receiving Communion on the tongue?  Germs are certainly spread that way, too! 

We don’t need to go to such extremes, however.  Still, we certainly can be practical about physical contact during the cold/flu season to prevent the spread of these diseases.  For example, if you, or someone you live, work or study with are beginning to show symptoms, carry hand sanitizer and use it before and after exchanging the Sign of Peace and any other physical contact, or wear gloves (which at one time was very fashionable to do).  Do not receive Communion from the chalice.  Cover a cough or sneeze with a handkerchief, tissue, or the crook of your arm, NEVER with your hand. Continue these practices for at least 2 weeks after the symptoms have disappeared, except covering a cough/sneeze, which should be continued year-round.   

Anyone who has a cold or flu should not come to church at all for at least 2 weeks.  You do not incur mortal sin by doing so.  In fact, following these rules is an act of love for your fellow believers, a sacrifice on your part to avoid doing injury, however minor, to others. 

The same holds for inclement weather.  We will use our “Notify Now” process of email and voicemail messages to alert you to any cancellation of services and other parish activities.  Be sure your registration information is up-to-date or you may miss out on these notifications.  But even if there are no cancellations, please use common sense and do not attempt to come out in bad weather, particularly if you are elderly or disabled.  We may not have sidewalks, parking lot and steps cleared by the time you arrive.  Even if we do, there might be refreezing that is beyond our control. 

But also remember that if you do stay home because of weather or illness, we still depend on your financial support every week, so be sure to bring your envelopes from the Masses you missed the next time you are able to come, or use Faith Direct which enables you to make your contributions regularly, whether or not you are here.  You do NOT have to confess missing Mass because of these extenuating circumstances!  Missing Mass is still seriously sinful, a sin that must be sacramentally confessed and absolved; but not in cases of illness or inclement weather. Enjoy the season, but come on Spring!!


In His Love,

Fr. Mike