Pastor's Corner 020313

posted Jan 30, 2013, 11:12 AM by Music Director

             So far Father Winter has been treating us fairly well, hasn’t he?  We’ve endured a few cold snaps, but overall it’s been pretty mild.  We’ve had a couple of heavy rain storms but precious little snow.  Nevertheless, I think it important to review what parishioners should do regarding attendance at Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Religious Education, meetings and so forth in the event of inclement weather.

Elderly parishioners and those with any kind of debilitating condition should think twice before coming out in bad weather.  If it is snowing, check first to see if services have been cancelled before leaving the house.  Whenever we cancel any event because of the weather a message will be posted on our website and announcements will be sent to all registered parishioners via our email and voicemail alert services.  These can only be sent to those whose registration information is up-to-date, so be sure that we have your correct information, including phone numbers and email addresses.

               Ice can be especially dangerous.  No matter how diligent we can be in clearing it, snow continues to blow around day and night; and melting snow flows across previously-cleared areas that then refreezes overnight.  Sleet and freezing rain can also make our parking lot and sidewalks treacherous.  Our maintenance staff does their best to keep up with these situations, but diligence on behalf of church-goers is also important to prevent accidents.

               Even if services are not cancelled, I assure you that none of our elderly or disabled brothers and sisters incur mortal sin for missing Mass when it is brutally cold, when there is significant snowfall (or rainfall, for that matter), and/or when conditions are icy.  If you are older or disabled and decide to come,please try to come with a family member or friend who can assist you getting into and out of the vehicle, walking around the church grounds, and into and out of the church.  More able-bodied parishioners should also be on the lookout for our elderly and disabled and in Christian charity offer to assist them around the grounds and into and out of buildings.

               The key words here are common sense.  It is not common sense for anyone to venture out into bad weather for any reason other than an absolute necessity.  It is common sense that the elderly and disabled not try to get around outside when conditions are extremely cold or when snow and/or ice is present.  Believe me, God understands; and so does His Church!


Let’s go Flyers& Sixers!


In His Love,

Fr. Mike