Pastor's Corner 022314

posted Mar 25, 2014, 12:56 PM by Music Director

            Over the last 4 weeks we have been conducting teaching sessions during Mass explaining the various parts of the liturgy.  How did you like them?  I hope you found them enlightening and informative.  Please feel free to share your comments, pro and con, with me or any member of our Parish Staff and Pastoral Council.

            The presentations were the result of tremendous effort and collaboration, and we owe a deep debt of gratitude to all involved.  The initial content was arranged by Deacon Larry Farmer, which was further refined and edited by Deacon Joe Chandler, Fr. Vincent, Fr. John and me.  Our Music and Communications Director JoJo Jordan, who also helped with the refinement and editing, recorded and copied the Commentator’s text and arranged the power-point video presentations.  Our very brave Commentators Jim Anzide, Tom Avery, Jennifer Chandler, Tracey Latshaw, and Rita Manfre did an amazing job delivering the text each week without missing a beat, along with our Video Operators Elena Adams, Kayley Andrews, Jonathan D’Souza, Jeanne Ingraham, Jojo Jordan, Julia Magee,  Catherine Nguyen, and Kathy Ryan who likewise did an excellent job in unusual circumstances.

            I’ve already received some very positive feedback from and through the Pastoral Council.  Naturally, there was some complaint as well.  (Is there ever anything we do that someone doesn’t have something negative to say?)  In this instance, we were told that someone said the presentations were too long. (Sigh!)

Well, we tried to keep them as concise as possible, but the idea was to inform and enlighten so there was information that we felt had to be shared.  Certainly it added some minutes to our weekend gatherings, but isn’t it worth it to gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for our worship?  It’s not like we’re doing it every week, though an argument could be made for doing just that until it all sinks in!  It was amusing to see, for instance, the number of people who still don’t seem to know the correct way to receive Holy Communion despite just hearing it explained on Week 3!  But I was also equally amused by the number of people who didn’t leave Mass early on Week 4!

But my question is, “What’s the rush?”  The 11:00 Mass, our busiest, took exactly 65 minutes on Week 3, which was the longest of the 4 presentations.  Given that Mass is generally an hour long, is an extra 5 minutes too much to ask?  We don’t think twice about sitting through a 2 hour movie, and we spend hours more every day in front of a computer or tablet screen.  But setting aside 1 hour, and occasionally a few minutes more, out of 168 each week to be with God and our fellow believers is asking the impossible or is such an imposition, after all God has done and continues to do for us both directly and through His Church??  Come on!!

Sorry to rant, but I guess I just will never understand this “rush” mentality, this “get ‘em in, get ‘em out, let’s get this thing over with a.s.a.p.” attitude, as if there’s more important things waiting.   At the very least this is a minimalist approach to faith, which doesn’t say much for the beholder.  If 60, occasionally 65, or even 75 minutes once a week is too much for God to ask of us, how can we justifiably ask God for eternity??  Think about that!

Anyway, as announced all 4 presentations can be reviewed on our parish website.  We are also going to present them to our summer CCD classes when they come to the 9:00 morning Mass, and will do so again at our weekend Masses sometime in the Fall.  There’s no reason for us not to know what we do and why we do it, so I hope these presentations help all the people of our parish to that end.


In His Love, 

Fr. Mike