Pastors Corner 051213

posted May 7, 2013, 12:17 PM by Music Director

            On this second Sunday of the merry month of May, we pay special tribute to those loving, wonderful women who gave us life, first within their own bodies, and then in this bright, beautiful world:  our mothers.  So Happy Mothers’ Day to all of you, our beloved mothers, grandmothers, Godmothers…and all women who nurture the sacred gift of human life!  We honor you for your sacrifices of love on our behalf! 

               I’m particularly grateful to have my own mom still with us on this side of life, despite her Alzheimer’s dementia. She is getting excellent care as a resident of St. Mary’s Catholic Home in Cherry Hill, and at the age of 91 is in pretty good physical health.  Her mental capacity has deteriorated, however.  She’s no longer capable of holding any kind of conversation, though she can answer some basic questions and still seems to recognize her family.  My family and I are profoundly grateful for your many expressions of concern and promises of prayer for her, and I know she really appreciates it as well.

               Let’s all be sure to do something nice for our moms today, but let’s not limit our loving expressions to just this one day of the year.  Let’s use the spirit of this observation to move us to do “nice things” for our moms all the time; to deepen within us a sense of appreciation for the gift that our mothers are to us, as well as the gift of motherhood itself.

               Let’s pray for our moms of every kind:  the good, kind and gentle ones; the stern yet compassionate ones; and especially for the cold or indifferent ones, the kind that are well in the minority but may be more in need of our prayer than others.  Let’s also pray for our sisters who are trying to conceive but can’t; who long for a child to cradle in their arms but for one reason or other are experiencing difficulty.  Of course, let’s also pray for our deceased mothers…well, maybe more to them than for them.  How much we miss them; how much we still and always will love them.  But we can be sure they’re still watching over us, as it is said:  “Mother’s work is NEVER done!”

               Let us also take some time to honor the Blessed Mother of God, Mary most holy, patroness of our nation and the Diocese of Camden under her title of the Immaculate Conception; Mother of the Church in her motherhood of Jesus.  Let us also honor the many great mothers of faith, such as  Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel; St. Anne, St. Elizabeth, St. Monica, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, and St. Gianna, just to name a few.

               Today is a great day to acknowledge not just the many great contributions our mothers have made, but also all women who have contributed to the development of humanity and human civilization, both within the family and the world beyond it.  And so we do…Happy Mothers’ Day, Moms, from all your grateful children!


In His Love,

Fr. Mike