Pastor's Corner 052613

posted May 22, 2013, 6:49 AM by Music Director

May sure is a busy month in the life of a Catholic community!  We pay special tribute to the gift of life in this, the most spring-like of spring months, by honoring those who bear the gift of human life to the world, our beloved mothers.  We particularly honor the most blessed among women, Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church, crowned each year as the Queen of May

May is also a popular month for the celebration of marriage, and how appropriate that is, given that marriage is the beginning of a new life for those who pledge to each other eternal love, honor and faithfulness; a bond so powerful that it symbolizes the union of God with His people, as it continues the act of creation (procreation) begun so long ago when at God’s command life came to be.

We welcomed our 2nd Graders to the table of God’s family for the first time, the second of the three-step process in which children become full members of the Church.  We are thrilled to welcome them to our table of Communion!  Our hope and prayer is that this will lead them to a closer union with Jesus and His Church; a sacrament they will regularly receive to nourish their faith and participation in the life of the Church as they grow.

Last Sunday our 8th Graders and a few adults were confirmed, concluding their initiation into the Church by the power of the Holy Spirit confirming His gifts within them as they confirm the commitment to God and His Church made for them when they were baptized.  They now take their place as full members of the Church, and thus are expected to use their spiritual gifts not merely for their own good, but for that of the Church, seeking to serve rather than be served, in imitation of Jesus they are committed to follow.  .

Both the celebration of First Communion and Confirmation are most beautiful and quite meaningful for those who receive, their families and all who participate.  We congratulate and are so proud of these young people for reaching these milestones in their journey of faith, and we thank their parents, godparents and sponsors for guiding them to these precious sacramental moments.  I especially commend their teachers and catechists who worked so hard to help prepare them, with special thanks to Mrs. Mary Ann Exler our outstanding Director of Religious Education, and all who assisted her in organizing and coordinating all the programs, the preparation process and the sacramental ceremonies. 

Thanks also to the ministers who assisted at the celebration: our sacristans and deacons, the Church Environment Committee for the decorative elements in the Church; our Music Director Mr. Josephus “JoJo” Jordan and all the music ministries, including our Adult and Children’s Choirs; and a special word of thanks to the Knights of Columbus Honor Guard.  May God bless them all for their service, and our First Communicants and Confirmandi in their commitment to God and His Church!

As we celebrate Memorial Day, let’s remember that this weekend isn’t about the beginning of summer (it isn’t!), but about remembering and honoring all those who gave their lives in service to our nation.  May we always be true to the ideals for which they sacrificed their lives.  May we grow to be even more a land of true liberty and justice for all.  God bless America!


Let’s go Phillies!

In His Love,

Fr. Mike