Pastor's Corner 061613

posted Jun 13, 2013, 7:07 AM by Music Director

This weekend we honor our beloved fathers who, along with our moms, have given us the gift of life, and the love and guidance to help us grow as good sons and daughters of our Divine Father.  Our dads are often our families’ unsung heroes.  I suppose that because we dwell in the wombs of our mothers for our first nine months of life, and because mothers have traditionally been the primary nurturers of children in just about every society, dads sometimes seem to play a lesser role in our lives.  But in reality, this is certainly not true.

               When I think of my own father, I think of a man who devoted so much of himself to his family; who toiled day in and day out, often in very harsh conditions (he was a ship-fitter/welder by trade, and an all-around handyman by hobby) to provide for my mother, my 4 siblings, and me.  I can remember many a summer afternoon, after I had spent the day in carefree childhood play, seeing him come home absolutely drained, sweat pouring from his brow, his face redder than a pomegranate and thinking, “Wow, he does this for me!”

               I am so proud to be his son, may he rest in the peace he well earned.  I am also proud of the many, many fathers I am privileged to know through my extended family, ministry and friendships. I know the sacrifices they have made and continue to make on behalf of their families, and how those families are blessed because of them.

               Sadly, not all fathers embrace their responsibilities, but they are in the minority.  The overwhelming majority of fathers (at least the ones I know) are wonderful men who are deeply committed to their families; who work very hard to support them not just in their work but by being very nurturing themselves.

               One of the many positive developments of the last few decades is how men in general have changed.  When I was growing up, who ever heard of a diaper-changing station in a men’s room?  Yet today you find them everywhere, even in our sports stadiums! They have become so common that most of us probably never even notice them unless we’re in the need of one!  Fathers spend more time with their children today, which not only provides a needed break for our moms, but more so helps to foster the bonds that should exist between parents and children regardless of their gender.

               So when we’re lamenting “how things have changed,” which usually is the beginning of a diatribe about all the bad things that modern life has produced, let’s think of our dads and realize that, yeah, some of the change in modern life is lamentable, but a lot of it has been for the better.

               Be sure to take the time to thank Dad for being the great guy he is, and make the day special for him.  If he hasn’t been so great, maybe give him the benefit of the doubt and offer up a prayer for him to get beyond whatever it is that’s keeping him from being all that he can be.  Let us be sure to remember our deceased dads in our hearts and prayers.  May they forever rejoice in the fullness of life with the God who is Father to us all. And whether living or deceased, let us commend all our dear fathers to the intercession of St. Joseph, the model Christian father and patron saint of fathers everywhere, that he will watch over them as they so lovingly watch over us.  Happy Fathers’ Day, Dads!


                                                    In His Love,

                                                        Fr. Mike