Pastor's Corner 080512

posted Aug 7, 2012, 8:17 AM by Music Director

I have some very exciting news to report!  Thanks to an extremely generous donation from parishioner Pat Fizur, we are finally able to replace the broken doors leading into the Religious Education Center and Siena Hall,and purchase a new tabernacle for the Emmaus Chapel that allows for Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at any time the chapel is open.

It is nothing short of crazy how expensive doors are these days.  Anyone who has ever had to replace theirs will no doubt agree!  Commercial doors are especially expensive, but thanks to Pat’s generosity we are getting new ones that will match in appearance the doors of the church.  Each one will include glass etchings of symbols of the Sacraments for which young and old alike are prepared to receive in the Religious Education center.  From left to right as you face the front of the building they are:  Baptism, Penance, Communion and Confirmation.  The doors are already being fabricated and we hope to have them installed sometime in August. 

We will also be replacing the entryway floor tiles right up to Siena Hall.  This will create a safer and more attractive entrance to the Center.

The new tabernacle is rather small, but perfect for the size of our chapel and has already been installed.  I’d like to thank Bill Hauser for his craftsmanship that refashioned the shelf that originally hosted a statue of the Holy Family into a beautiful alcove for the tabernacle.  (The statue has been relocated to the new Parish Center.) 

The front door of the tabernacle features a slot into which a large, consecrated Host can be inserted.  There is a small latch that covers the slot that can be opened or closed without opening the tabernacle itself or setting off the alarm.  Thus, the consecrated Host can be exposed any time by any one during the hours the chapel is open (8:00 AM – 8:00 PM daily, Monday – Friday; 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM Saturday).

To expose the Blessed Sacrament, approach the tabernacle, genuflect, pull the latch open, genuflect, and return to your seat.  If no one else is present when you leave the chapel, approach the tabernacle, genuflect, close the latch, genuflect again, and then depart, turning out any lights when you do to help us conserve energy and save on electrical costs.  It is critically important to close the latch, as the Blessed Sacrament is NEVER to be left exposed when no one is present. 

As yet we haven’t figured out what to do with the former chapel tabernacle.  It must be removed to allow a little more space behind the Ambo, which had to be relocated to the other side of the altar to accommodate the new tabernacle.  We are planning to mount an icon of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal on the wall behind the Ambo.  We tried moving the statue of Our Lady of Fatima from the chapel foyer into the chapel itself, but it took up too much space and had to be relocated back to the foyer. 

The statue of the Infant of Prague that was removed from the parish center and temporarily placed in the chapel foyer will be moved to one of the recessed areas in the church.  In the opposite recess I would like to erect a statue of our parish patron, St. Charles Borromeo, and add some racks of devotional candles.  If you are interested in taking up Pat’s spirit and would like to donate a portion or all of the cost of the statue or candle rack(s) please contact our parish business manager, Deacon Joe Chandler, or me. 

With creativity and a generous spirit, there’s no telling what can be accomplished for the greater honor and glory of God and the veneration of His Saints and Sacraments.  Thanks to all of you who so generously contribute your time, talents and treasure to our parish community.  God bless you always!

As for our Phillies, what can I say?  But football camp is open, so it won’t be long before our Eagles take flight.  You see?  Hope springs eternal!


In His Love,

Fr. Mike