Pastor's Corner 081912

posted Aug 20, 2012, 1:16 PM by Music Director

A few weeks back, the children of our parish participated in this year’s “Camp Joy” Vacation Bible School.  This year’s theme, “Fly:  Everything is possible with God,”was a very creative and thoroughly enjoyable way of experiencing the love of God and His people while imparting some very valuable lessons from the Bible.  We congratulate and deeply thank our coordinators Mrs. Julie Wright and Mrs. Tracy Latshaw, and their many adult and teen helpers for a wonderfully successful program.  (I think the teen & adult leaders enjoyed it every bit as much as the kids, if not more!) 

Vacation bible schools are nothing new.  Our Protestant brothers and sisters have had them for decades, and many Catholic parishes host them as well.  In fact, they are sometimes jointly hosted, as is the case in one of my previous assignments, Resurrection Parish (now part of St. Maximilian Kolbe) in Marmora. The vacation bible school there is a joint effort with Trinity United Methodist Church.  Now isn’t that ecumenism in action!  It’s a shame that more parishes don’t offer them.  They are a lot of work and take a lot of effort, but it’s really worth it.  That’s why we’re so blessed to have Julie, Tracy and all who so enthusiastically embrace this project year after year, and what a great thing that is for us!

               By helping our young to see that their religious faith is something they can enjoy, something they can have fun with, they better learn and retain its lessons.  Hopefully, positive experiences like this will strengthen them to maintain their faith when they get older.  That’s not to negate the importance of the more formal learning process in our Catholic schools and religious education (CCD) programs.  Quite the contrary:  they complement each other.  But none would exist without committed laypersons giving of their time, talent and treasure to share their faith with the young in any and every environment.  That’s real stewardship; that’s truly taking up the challenge of Baptism and working to lead others to a closer union with Jesus; and I cannot thank enough all of you who do this faithfully in so many ways, year in and year out.

               It is truly a marvelous thing to look at life through the eyes of a child, to experience it in all its wonder as they do, without the cynicism that often corrupts the adult world.  If your children did not participate this year, be sure to register them for next year’s.  And whether or not you have children, if you can make some time to help out I promise you will find yourself getting caught up in the energy of a renewed faith, led as the Scriptures foretold, by the hand of a child.  (Isaiah 11:6)  God bless!

In His love,

Fr. Mike