Pastor's Corner 092312

posted Sep 19, 2012, 11:10 AM by Music Director

       Last Saturday we held our annual “Welcome Back” Festival, and if you missed it you missed a really great time.  The weather was picture-perfect, and I am told that this was the largest turnout we’ve ever had, estimated to have been approximately 700 people.  I had a wonderful time.  I’m just sorry we have to wait a whole year until the next one!  Of course, there will be many opportunities for us to come together for other social events, like our monthly “Hospitality Sundays” and the St. Patrick’s Day Party, but there is something very special about this particular event.

The festival had a decidedly western theme, the centerpiece of which was the barbecue dinner served instead of the usual boxed meal.  Several parishioners even came out in cowboy hats and boots!  The meal took a lot longer to serve, naturally; and unfortunately we ran out of barbecued ribs and chicken.  I apologize to all who didn’t get to enjoy it.  Next year, however, we will have to commit to a cut-off date for selling tickets to avoid this embarrassment and disappointment.  I want everyone who comes to fully enjoy this event, and that can’t happen if anyone goes hungry!! 

So be warned!  When the time comes, be sure to follow the announcements made in church, the parish bulletin and on our website.  We will let you know when the tickets for the dinner portion of the festival will be available.  As of the last day no more will be sold, no exceptions!!  As it is said, “If you snooze, you lose!”  Of course, if you care to bring your own dinner you are most welcome to do so, and no ticket will be necessary.  However, we still need to have an accurate count so we can provide enough table space and chairs.  Again, you are welcome to bring your own, but let us know anyway. 

As much fun as it was, my favorite part was the Mass, and I guess that’s what makes this event so special to me.  As much as I love our beautiful church building, I really enjoy celebrating Mass outside in what I like to call “God’s cathedral.”  It was great seeing so many people there camped out on blankets, sitting on beach chairs as well as the chairs set up in advance under the bright, blue sky, with the majestic trees swaying in the breeze and the birds chirping along with us.  It was as if all creation had come together to praise and thank our Creator for the gift of life we enjoy together.

This event, like all our others, was made possible by the generous commitment of time, energy and effort of a great army of volunteers, and I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of them.  But there are 2 people who are primarily responsible and we all owe them a deep debt of gratitude:  Deacon Joe Chandler and Pastoral Associate Mary Ann Exler.  There are also several benefactors whose contributions helped to defray our costs, like the sponsoring of “Mr. Softee” ice cream, preparing side dishes and desserts, the popcorn & cotton candy stations, and the games and activities for the kids like face-painting and “Mr. Balloon.” 

If you missed the festival this year, of if you’ve never had the chance to experience it, be sure to attend next year.  I promise you won’t regret it!




In His Love,

Fr. Mike