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posted Oct 11, 2012, 8:06 AM by Music Director

                Since opening our new parish offices last September, a lot of people seem to be having trouble finding where they need to go when visiting our parish complex.  So here’s a recap of our buildings, offices and meeting spaces:

               Our parish complex is comprised of 5 buildings:  the Main Church, the Religious Education Center, the old parish office building, the rectory, and the new parish office building.  The Religious Education Center is located directly across the parking lot from the Main Church.  In it are located the Religious Education (CCD) offices and 8 classrooms in the front part of the building.  In the back part is Sienna Hall, which is a combination gymnasium and auditorium.  Sienna Hall is used for large social and educational functions and is available for rent for parties, receptions, etc. (Active parishioners can rent the hall at a discount.) 

               The Main Church is located at the intersection of Johnson and Stage Coach Roads.  The main floor is occupied by the Sacristy, Gathering Space and Worship Sanctuary.  Because the church was built so that the front doors face the intersection, most people enter via the side and rear doors.  The Gathering Space is located inside what seems to be the main entrance to the building but in actuality is at the rear entrance.  In the basement are located Borromeo Hall, Padua Lounge, the Don Bosco Meeting Room and the Assisi Conference Room.  Borromeo Hall is used for large group meetings and smaller social functions.  It is not available for rent.  The Padua, Don Bosco and Assisi rooms are used for small group meetings & religious education classes for both children and adults. 

               The old parish office building, now known as the Tracy Center in honor of our previous pastor, Msgr. James Tracy, is located across from the Main Church on Stage Coach Road.  On the main floor are several rooms used almost exclusively for Religious Education, and the Emmaus Chapel which hosts our 9:00 AM Mass Monday-Friday and 8:00 AM Mass on Saturday.  Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament follows every Mass until 8:00 PM Monday-Friday and 3:00 PM on Saturday.  The Chapel is closed on Sundays.  The basement of the Tracy Center is used for small group meetings including our Pastoral Council, and for religious education classes. 

               Continuing on Stage Coach Road towards the Black Horse Pike is the rectory.  This 2-story building, the only multi-story building of our complex, is strictly a residence for your priests.  No meetings or appointments are held there.  I plan to name this building in honor of another of our former pastors, the late Msgr. Joseph O’Connell, under whose direction the building was constructed.

               Finally, as you continue down Stage Coach Road is the new parish center, located at 176 Stage Coach Road.  All parish business is conducted at this location.  Offices for our parish secretaries, business manager, accountant, music and communications director, pastoral associate and clergy are located there.  This is where you need to go to register, obtain Mass cards, purchase event tickets, etc. and meet for personal appointments with the parish staff (unless you are specifically directed to go elsewhere). 

               Additional signage is being crafted to be located outside each building, with some directional signs to be located within the Main Church.  Hopefully, this will help you to get where you need to go when coming to the parish complex.  You are always welcome to visit.  If you are new and would like a personal tour of the complex, please contact me by telephone at the parish office or by email.  I will be happy to show you around!




In His Love,

Fr. Mike